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Outdoors Badminton Match


Each year our Activities Committee creates memorable activities for everyone in your family to enjoy.  Activities range from annual, monthly or weekly reoccurrences. This is why we created a calendar to keep you up-to-date.

Pick-up Games

Enjoy a spur of the moment game of kickball, blitzball, volleyball, pickleball, basketball, four-square, nukem, or sharks & minnows.

For both kids and adults, these events create new friendships and promote teamwork.

Moonlight Swim

Moonlight swim nights typically occur on Friday evenings.  Party Themes. DJ's. Camp Fires.  Relaxation with friends. C

***No recreational pool floats this season***

Girl Swimming in Pool
Swim Lessons

Take swim lessons with the most skilled instructors around.  Beginner, Intermediate, and Private swim lessons are available at PVAC.  Check it out.

Swimming Pool
Swim Team

Be a part of a winning team.  Click here for more details.

Member Parties

Our annual events includes activities for all ages.

Member Parties

Enjoy great food, campfires, music, and other fellow members.

Human Pyramid
So much more

Check out our amenities for your every day enjoyment.

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