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  • Is the club private, public, or semi-public?
    Penn Valley Athletic Club is a budget friendly private community club. Members are provided a specific number of Guest Passes that can be used during the season. Utilizing the Guest Passes, a non-member can attend the club with a Member of good standing. Review our Guest Policy found on our Membership page for further details and restrictions. Special events allow for guest admittance for a nominal price. This includes community parties, teen parties, private parties, etc. Please see the front desk for details.
  • When do you open for the season?
    Each season, our goal is to open Memorial Day Weekend. Any delays to this would be appropriately communicated to our members and prospective members.
  • What are the hours of operation?
    12pm-8pm daily. Exceptions to the normal operating hours will we highlighted on our website calendar, member email communication, social media, newsletter, and/or posted at the front desk. Swim team practice and swim lessons may be scheduled during non-operating hours. These times will be communicated to members either by the calendar, social media, email, and/or posted near the front desk.
  • Do you allow guests?
    GUEST POLICY PVAC guest policy will be strictly enforced. Members are permitted to bring Guests for the season under the following guidelines: 1. Guests 17 years and younger are permitted with an admittance fee of $5.00 per visit. No Guest shall be admitted unless they are with a current Member. Each Guest will be required to sign in at the front desk upon arrival. 2. Each membership will be permitted to bring a guest who is 18 years or older, one time in the month of June, two times in the month of July, and two times in the month of August. The admittance fee for each Guest is $5.00 per visit. No Guest shall be admitted unless they are with a current Member. Each Guest will be required to sign in at the front desk upon arrival. 3. Members who have family or friends that are visiting from out of town (outside of the 16xxx zip code) are permitted to come to the pool an unlimited amount of time during their stay with an admittance fee of $5.00 per visit. No Guest shall be admitted unless they are with a current Member. Each Guest will be required to sign at the front desk upon arrival. Photo ID of the guest required.
  • Why would the club be closed during normal operating hours?
    Inclement weather is the primary reason for closures during normal operating hours. During storms, nobody is allowed in the pool, on the pool deck, on the basketball court, on the tennis court, or on the volleyball court. If these storms show no sign of letting up, we will shut down for the safety of our staff and members. We will attempt to communicate closures as soon as safely possible. Additionally, the PVAC Swim Team may host a Swim Meet on a weeknight evening. Although the pool will be closed for just a couple hours, we encourage Members to attend a highly competitive sporting event. No Admission Fee!
  • Do I have to be a Member to host a party?
    You do not have to be a member to host a party at PVAC, but Members receive discounted prices for hosting parties. Non-member hosted parties must abide by all of the facility rules, without exception. Non-member parties will not be permitted to rent out the entire facility exclusively. These parties must coincide with daily member attendance. Please use this contact form to start the process of hosting a party. Member hosted parties are permitted to have non-members attend. See the front desk for details.
  • What kind of food do you serve at the snack bar?
    We have an extensive snack bar menu. Some hot foods include hot dogs, cheese sticks, fresh cut potato fries, funnel cakes, and personal pizzas. Cold items include popsicles, ice cream bars, and our Famous Snow Cones! Bagged snacks are also available, as well as a generous list of refreshments. Themed events may include specials such as pierogis, pulled pork, walking tacos, hamburgers, build your own ice cream sundaes, and so much more.
  • How to I sign up for swim lessons?
    Group or Private Lesson signups are to happen at the front desk - either in person or calling during normal operating hours. Did you know that non-members are also able to participate in our swim lessons, classes, and clinics?!
  • How do I sign up for the swim team?
    Go to the Swim Team page of our website and click "Print the Team Details, Registration & Waiver Now!" link. Follow the instructions on the registration form to sign up. Non-members are encouraged to join! You can find additional swim team information on the team Facebook page: "Penn Valley Swim Team". Any questions regarding the swim team can be directed to Trisha Murray. Email:
  • Do you require specific flotation devices?
    We do not require a specific approved flotation device. We do recommend using a device that has been approved by the American Red Cross. No matter the device used, please make sure that it is properly functioning before each use. Additionally, if your child cannot swim independently, with or without a device, our staff and lifeguards will require that a parent must be within arms reach of that child at all times while in the main pool. Members that require a flotation device to stay afloat are not permitted in the diving well. Additionally, they are not allowed to jump off the diving board with a flotation device on. Please see the published Facility Rules for full details regarding flotation devices.
  • Do you allow recreational pool floats or innertubes at the pool?
    We are not permitting recreational pool floats at the pool this season, including during Moonlight Swim. Pool noodles are permitted (just be aware of your surroundings when having a pool noodle sword fight). Why are we not permitting recreational pool floats this year? The safety of our members and guests is our #1 priority. Recreational floats, inflatables, and especially foam bead filled floats pose a great risk for younger swimmers to get trapped under. Additionally, larger floats block lifeguard view of the pool, preventing them from performing their essential duties. We understand recreational floats were a fun part of Moonlight Swim, but you and your child's safety takes priority above all else.
  • Is PVAC Hiring?
    PVAC is a great place for young adults to learn responsibility, commitment, and accountability. For many, it is their first job. PVAC will post on our Jobs page and Social Media when there are any job openings.
  • Who do I get a hold of if I have a general club question?
    General quesions can be directed to This email is monitored by the pool management. You may also speak with a club employee at the front desk for general questions.
  • Who do I get in hold of if I have a specific club question?
    Financial or Accounting questions can be directed to Swim Team questions can be directed to Facilities and Grounds questions can be directed to Board or Committee Volunteer Interest can be directed to Any topics not listed above can be directed to
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