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PVAC Swimming Lessons

Swim Lessons

Group Lessons

If you are unsure of your child(ren)'s skill level, come to our front desk and review the skill levels with one of our guards before reserving a spot.  They may ask to observe your child in the water to determine the appropriate skill level lesson to sign up for.


If an instructor determines your child is signed up in the incorrect group during lessons, they have the right to reassign your child to the appropriate skill level group.


Parent & Mini

In this course, swimmers will be introduced to the water and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. 


This session is most suitable for swimmers 3 years old and under.


In this session, swimmers will become comfortable in the large pool with their head above water.  Swimmers must be comfortable getting into the pool without assistance from an adult.

This session is best for swimmers who need assistance floating in the water.


In this session, swimmers will progress to swimming with their head under water.  Swimmers must be able to float without assistance and do a basic arm stroke that moves them in a forward motion  in the water.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons can be requested for any level swimmer but are most recommended for advanced swimmers looking to develop skilled techniques, such as strokes and basic diving.

Private lessons must be coordinated by visiting the staff at our front desk.

Sign up here for group lessons!

Group Lessons Sign-up Form

All Group Lesson fees must be paid in full one week prior to the start of the session.  Funds not paid in full will result in eliminating your spot.

Swimmers will receive a certificate with competencies at the end of each session.

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