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There's so much going on behind the scenes at PVAC!  Each season brings new challenges, new improvements, and new ideas.  It's important we find a way to provide our members with important big picture details.  That is why we created this page.  Plus, we also want to hear your improvement ideas!

Many of our recent improvements below originated from Member feedback or from a proactive approach from our staff and volunteers in trying to provide the best experience for our Members.

Fully Staffed for 2022

We actually had to turn away applicants because we filled our positions so fast!  We have wonderful guards that enjoy being at the club and interacting with our Members!

Being fully staffed means you will not encounter modified operating hours, like some other pools in the area are experiencing.

Emergency Scenario Training

We are stepping up our Lifeguard Training!  Our guards performed training for Emergency Scenarios, as well as an Emergency Preparedness Review, with the top expert in the Pittsburgh area.

Our facility has been a very safe environment because of the involvement of parents with their children, and it is greatly appreciate by our staff.  We just want to make sure that we are on top of our game in case we encounter an emergency.

Surrounding Trees

We recently had work done on the trees surrounding our facility.  This is to ensure safety of our members, reduce the potential of damage to our facility structures, and reduce the amount of leaves that find their way in to the pool.

This may be the most unnoticed improvement, but one of the most important ones!

Pool Cleaning Robot
Robotic Vacuum

We recently ordered a robotic vacuum to upgrade our outdated pool vacuum.  This will improve efficiency in cleaning the pool and free up guards to focus on daily pre-opening work to make each day more enjoyable for you.

Pool Deck/Pool

Last year we added a coating to our Pool Deck and it was a great success!  We are adding another layer this pre-season for added protection.

Living in Western, PA, our seasonal weather changes take a toll on concrete.  We've taken extra steps this pre-season in concrete upkeep by making proactive repairs, concrete pad lifting/leveling, and gap sealing.

Tennis Courts

Our tennis court experienced a fallen tree this pre-season.  The tree has been removed, but we have some fence repair to do.  While we were at it, we took down a handful of dead trees in this area to prevent this from happening again.

The courts are under a current evaluation for a refresh, including crack repair, fresh acrylic court paint, and outdated lighting removal.

Working Tools
Pool Pump Refresh

The pool pump is the Heart of our Swimming Pool.  We took a proactive approach in sending out our pool pump for a refresh and already have it back and re-installed. 


Not only did we extend the life of the pump, the refresh also increased water flow throughout the pool.  This means improved circulation of chlorine and less stress on other mechanical parts in our pump room.

Inflatable Armbands
Pool/Facility Rules Review

The PVAC Board is currently reviewing the need for updated Pool/Facility Rules.

It is a good practice to periodically review the Rules to ensure the safety of our Members, as well as reduce the risk of unnecessary damages to our facility.

changing station.jpg
Diaper Changing Station

With increased privacy in mind, our Ladies Bathroom now has a new diaper changing station.

This also makes it easier to change your infant from normal diapers into the required swim diapers.

Bees & Clover

Nobody likes being stung by a bee or hearing that buzzing sound when trying to relax. 

We are getting our ground sprayed to eliminate the clover that attracts bees.  This will likely take more than one treatment, but in no time, the bees will find a new place to hang out.

Snack Bar Payments

Snack Bar Cards are replacing the "Account" book in 2022.  This will result in faster and more accurate transactions.  Head to the front desk and put money on the card.  Take the card with you to the snack bar as your method of payment!  Card balances can be done quickly and transaction records on your card can be retrieved same day. You can reload money on the card at any time.

Upgraded Wifi

We've upgraded our wifi to provide a better experience for our members and employees.  This means no more lost connections at the snack bar and front desk during transactions.  We also upgraded the speed so our members that opt for Wifi will have faster download speeds.

2022 Summary & Member Ideas

2022 may be more operationally (behind the scenes) focused when it comes to improvements compared to 2021, but we make all decisions based off providing the most enjoyable environment for our Members, while also being fiscally responsible.

What's listed isn't everything on our plate for 2022.  It's just what we have enough details on to share with you effectively.

We would love to hear from you on some improvements/amenities you want to see at PVAC.  We simply ask to keep it positive and know this is strictly for ideas only.

You can submit your ideas here.  Email Us

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